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iPhone 6S Glass Only Repair Big Bubbles after Lamination Machine HELP

I have been doing glass only repair on iphone 6. My success rate on iphone 6 is about 95%. On the iPhone 6S, I follow all the same steps and once lcd comes out of the Oca laminator machine , there are Huge bubbles witch are hard to remove on the AutoClave. I have to put them on Autoclave for a very long time witch later on cause for very small bubbles to appear on the corners of lcd( since OCA has been cooking for a long time). Im trying to find out if anyone else have problems like this. Maybe my machine is not right for this. I am even willing to buy a new oca laminator machine that does them correctly.

Please comment on the machine you are using if you are getting good results on your glass only repair , or comment if i should be doing something different on the iphone 6s compare to the iphone 6.

below are the steps I take

- remove broken glass

-remove polarizer

- clean

-intall new polarizer

-add antistatic paste

-use OEM glass & Mitsubishi OCA

-put on "KO no.1 Laminator Machine" 2 minutes vacuum time & 4 minutes laminating time. ( i have tried all type of setting here and still have very mix but not good results.

I have also tried messing with the psi pressure

- SO the problem is the Huge Bubbles ( not little ones ) once coming out of the KO OCA Laminator machine.

thank you in advance

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i have the same problem only with iphone 6s after place oca sems all good after instaloing glass small bubbels apair in the corner i dont know why


Hi guys has any body found solution yet for this problem? I am experiencing Same


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Did you check on youtube for iPhone 6s glass replacement only?

You might get some good ideas on youtube.

I looked at a few just out of curiosity and some looked pretty informative.

Hopefully you can find something to help your situation.

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thanks for your time.

my problem goes faster from a youtube video on how to change glass only. i have looked on other videos. We are repair shop with and i have done thousands of glass only repair on iphone 6 with machines that we have bought. it just seems with iphone 6s the process is not 100% so looking for advice on anyone who is experiencing same problem on the issue when doing glass only repair professional way. thank you on that


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Your problem is when you are applying your POL. The iP6S is very, very thin and if you don't have your laminating machine adjusted down low enough, the POL won't adhere to the glass and it will bubble.

Get a feeler gauge and measure a 6S screen, then measure the clearance on your POL machine. My guess is that you are a fraction of an inch too high on your top plate.

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I lost you on the term "POL" by that are you referring to the OCA strips or polarizer?

also i have been experimenting on different setting. last one i ended up raising the screen when it goes into the laminator machine by putting an very thing credit card thickness piece of plastic under the screen to raise the scree a bit and be able to apply more preasure/. Also by raising the PSI ( air pressure ) to .07 instead of .05 witch i have always used on the iphone 6 lcd. thank yo once again


yes, POL = polarizer.

I'm not sure what the PSI would change. Did you measure the thickness of the screen vs the settings on your machine?


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It is the laminator machine. Not good you need different machine like 5in 1 and will get no bubbles. These plate laminators always leave bubbles

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why do you think that the 5in1 machines are better than the plate type?

I'm just going to buy a machine and I wonder what.

I choose between VL688 and M-TRIANGEL MT12 / A03MA

I'm counting on your help


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Hello friend,

Maybe the OCA is No Good, maybe u can use the KN6.2 UV OCA, more soft , more stickness than Mitsubishi OCA, u can contact this Guy whatsapp: +86 15012683474

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