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MacBook Pro Unibody con display da 13" prodotti nel periodo 2009-2012.

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Why my new airport card has blown a transistor?

Block Image

Block Image


I just got this MPB 13'' 2010.

It had the following issues:

- Freeze up. (once airport card disconnected was sorted)

- Fan spins up even if all sensor were at regular temperature.

- Crack on the screen

The unit didn't seem to have suffer water damage

The following has been done.

- LB was cleaned in sonic bath and dried properly.

- Airport card inspected and cleaned

- Webcam cable, Wifi antenna checked.

Once everything put back together, a small fuse, transistor, or resistance blew up on the back of the airport card socket (LB) see pictures

The unit still power's up, bluetooth, webcam and all other fully operationnal, but still freeze up. Airport card not recognised.

I am pretty sure there is no fuse for the airport card, and I can't find what has blown.

If you have any clue it will be really appreciated!

Many thanks to all!

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Post the picture


Yes, please post a picture so we can see the damage you are talking about.


Done I let you have a look!

Many thanks


Many thanks for the fast and efficient answer.

I haven't got a professional grade ultra sound cleaner.

I will try to have the right focus with my One plus 2 tomorrow. The laptop has been running fine high demanding CPU and GPu apps none stop for a week. As long as the Webcam and airport card aren't connected.

I haven't got another unit to switch the screen. Anyhow I will post more pics tomorrow!

Many thanks Old Turkey03


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@tonino75 the component is a bit hard to identify on this image. It is a bit shaky. It is not a transistor.Anyhow, the part that has blown up is reference designator L3404. It is a 120 ohm 1.5A inductor in a 0402 package. and it is part of the PP5V WLAN rail. As in why this happened, pretty hard to figure out. Right now I would suggest that this is a short-circuited power line. From the image that you posted, you also want to double check the cleaning. It appears as if there is plenty of either corrosion or some type of residue. Post a couple of clear high-res images of the board and the area of the damage. It appears as if the traces and solder pads have been destroyed as well.

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