Keyboard and trackpad don't work

MacBook Air A1465 Mid 2013

A MacBook Air had the fan going at high speed with reduced CPU speed. We finally figured out that it was because the iSight cable was pressing against something on the MagSafe / IO board and was shorting out. Before figuring that out, we tried reseating the trackpad cable on the logic board. From that point on, the power button on the keyboard works but there is no response from the keyboard or trackpad otherwise. Tried three different cables and trackpads, same results.

Do you all think there is an easy solution we're overlooking or did something on the board go "zap"? I'm thinking it could be coincidental with the iSight cable problem, maybe damaged something in the USB circuit. External USB connections do still work.

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What OS X are you using?


Not sure. The issue seems to start at boot since I can't even do a PRAM or SMC reset.


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