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The Nexus 6 is an Android phone developed by Google and Motorola released in 2014 with a 6-inch display.

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Black screen but phone works including touch

I dropped my Nexus 6. It still works, including the touch screen, except that the screen doesn't turn on. The glass is cracked, but like I stated touch does work. The phone boots up and powers down as expected. I can receive phone calls and talk on the phone. I can use voice commands via "OK Google" to have it read my text messages when they are received and to reply to them. Will this problem be fixed with just a straight screen replacement? Or do I likely have some other issue too?

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Likely a new screen would fix your issue but you can never really tell until it is tested.

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Hey Danny @dannycombs , I'm facing the same issue now. How did you solve it back then? Did you buy a replacement for your display to solve it? Pls do reply


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