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Hewlett-Packard ha iniziato a produrre personal computer di tipo laptop nel 1993.

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How do I replace my graphics card?

hi i want to upgrade the graphics card/adapter in my laptop atm i have ati raedon hd 3200 and i was wonder what i would have to do to put a better graphics card if money was no object without buying a new laptop thanks


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Hi there,

Unfortunately replacing the ATI 3200 integrated card won't be possible without replacing the entire motherboard. Check out this quote from a HP TX2500 review:

"... since the Radeon HD 3200 is an integrated graphics solution, it suffers from the same potential problems as any IGP. Namely, it shares the system resources (RAM) and is soldered directly to the motherboard (so it cannot be replaced without replacing the entire motherboard)."

However, make sure that your graphics card is indeed performing as fast as it should, since the editors in that same review had troubles achieving 3DMark05 scores that others were getting with the same ATI 3200 card:

"After a week of constant attempts by our editorial staff of technical experts to diagnose the problem (including multiple driver updates and replacing the system RAM), it was determined that the Radeon HD 3200 in our review unit was not operating properly due to a hardware malfunction. In other words, our tx2500 is going to have to go back to HP for repair or replacement."

I'd suggest downloading 3DMark05 and running the test. You can also try allocating more of the RAM to video performance by changing the settings in your BIOS. Just be careful when messing around in the BIOS -- when in doubt, exit without saving! :)

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Unfortunately, upgrading the graphics on your model is most likely impossible. The HD 3200 is a graphics chip that is directly soldered onto the motherboard rather than a card, which may have a chance of being removable. But even if it had been a removable graphics card, chances are slim that you could find something else compatible with your existing motherboard and fits the voltage/temperature/size requirements of your tablet PC.

Fortunately for you, the HD 3200 is very good for an integrated graphics chip. My 15-inch Dell is many times more massive than your 12-inch tablet and has a nVidia GeForce 8400 GS card, but benchmarks show that your 3200 is only slightly slower than the 8400.

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re bake it

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