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Portable wireless speakers from Logitech released in 2013.

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Why isn't my UE MEGABOOM charging

Why isn't my UE MEGABOOM charging.

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Need a little detail please. our older UE Megaboom says "charge critical..." but when plugged in, the charge light does not come on. Plugged in, the device still does not operate. I tried some things here at IFIXIT and got the light to indicate charge.

1) Unplug the unit (this procedure doesn't seem to work if the unit is plugged into the brick)

2) hold the Plus button and the power button for a few seconds.

3) Plug it in to see if the light flashes (mine is blue-white)

alternate... you might try with the Minus button

alternate... you might try with both plus and minus and the power button.

I don't know which of the three worked.

However, if your little charge light flashes red or flashes but it doesn't charge there are other answers on this site that might work for you.

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This worked for me. I managed to get a quick charge, enough to power on and hold the Power AND Plus buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. Got the normal power down sound and kept holding then got a different sound I had never heard before (assuming is was indicating a successful reset of some sort). Released both buttons and the speaker batteries gave out almost immediately. Plugged back in and the speaker began charging normally. I did the reset again but don't think it was necessary. :-)

Background: Bought a UE MegaBoom from Costco 2018 it was a special color/edition (dark grey w/ yellow + / - buttons).

Failure mode: When plugged in, the white light next to the USB port would flash for a few seconds and then stop (tried using yellow OEM charge cable/power block). speaker would turn on for a few seconds, say critical battery and lose power.

My brother bought the exact same speaker from a different Costco during this promotion (living in another state) and now has the identical failure mode.


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If your UE Boom speaker does not charge, see the UE Boom Won’t Charge or Loses Battery Quickly problem page for possible causes and solutions.

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