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Microsoft's third-generation Xbox game console, released November 22, 2013.

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My xbox one is not reading disc

when i came home one day from school i go up to my room so i turn on my tv and my xbox one so i sign in to my account by the way its abikdemt85 i know slow name so anyway i crack open my games case and my game is not in there so i press the eject button on my xbox and when i ejected it there were to games in there i was like wtf so then then i find out my little baby brother got in to my games and the bad thing is that he broke my disk drive so now that every time i insert and eject a disc it makes a clicking sound i idk why but its broke so if anybody could help that would be helpful before i open up my xbox and soultions

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How long have you had the console? It could be worth sending it off for repair under warranty.


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It's quite likely that some of the internal pieces inside the disc drive have been broken or have become misaligned. To find out you'll have to disassemble the disc drive and remove it from the outer metal case. You may have to compare it to pics online to see if anything is broken. There is a metal arm inside that often becomes dislodged and can cause the problem you are describing. If you can post some pics of the inside of it I can help more. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of video of how to do this at the moment.

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If you put a few game cases (or something similar in size ) under the front of your xbox. So the front is higher than the back. It may help your xbox read a disk.

It's A temporary fix that may help get you by without spending money, and I've seen this work multiple times.

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Ya it definitely sounds like there are some foreign objects inside the drive still, or something is broken. If you still have warranty, I would send it in to MS. If you don't (or you don't want to mess with MS), I have used these guys before to fix the problem.


@allergy_boy We do not recommend sites to repair devices unless specifically asked for other wise it can be mistaken for spam


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