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Why doesn't my Asus T300 Chi trackpad work?

I've had the Windows 10 update for about a few months before my laptop started acting up.

One day, I turned on my laptop, only to discover that my trackpad did not work. However, if I were to flip the switch in the top right corner to off and then on, the trackpad would work for a few seconds before suddenly turning off again. To add on, only the trackpad is broken. The keys on the keyboard are perfectly fine, so I can only type instead of using the cursor. I've tried disconnecting and pairing my keyboard back to the tablet, but nothing works.

This problem has been getting quite annoying, so it'd be great to have some feedback. Thanks.

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Try installing the latest ATK and Smart Gesture drivers. Ensure the OS is WIN 10.

As per the support advice install the ATK package first. (ensure that it is ver.1.0.0020 or higher)

Here is a link to the driver download page for your laptop. The Smart Gesture software is listed under Pointing Device.

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one of two things probably, one windows 10 auto disables your trackpad in some instances when a plug in mouse is available (or it thinks one is available) or two, your drivers are messed up you need to get the right one off of your computer manufacturers website, uninstall current ones (ones that windows 10 put on your machine instead of the ones that were working) then install the correct ones that you obtained from their website.

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