Voltage of "backlight sensor"?

I had a small coffee spill a few days ago (see pic for spill area) and I shut it down immediately. After a thorough cleaning & 3-days of letting it dry out, I put it all back together.

Only noticeable issues:

• The keyboard backlight doesn't work at all

• There were a few moments of “brightness flickering” when I had my iPhone charging/syncing via USB & my display brightness was set to "automatically adjust". Keeping my mouse USB plugged in has no effect.

• There are "cones" of lower brightness on the lower section of my screen (see pic). However, I'm 75% sure this was an existing issue which I never remembered to fix (because I keep my dock dark).

Anyways, while I wait for my Genius Bar appointment in a few days, I'm keeping an eye on my sensors with the iStat Menus app. But I couldn't find any definitions or explanations of what normal sensor ranges should be.

What doesn't make sense to me: the "backlight" sensor voltage is at ~40V (at any brightness, regardless if it's running on battery or charger) while my "DC-in" sensor is ~20V.

Is this normal for the backlight sensor to be at ~40V? Also, where does the keyboard backlight originate from? Does the keyboard cable have anything to do with it? Because it's slightly damaged on the edges (see pic).

TL;DR Minor coffee spill. After cleaning/drying, only issue is keyboard backlight not working. iStat Menu reports a “backlight" sensor voltage at ~40V while the "DC-in" sensor is ~20V. Is this normal?

Block Image

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