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Model A1418 / Mid 2014 / 1.4, 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Display not working on running iMac


I just made a OS-service-update, after that disconnected the iMac and carried it downstairs to another room.

When booting, the display had stopped working.

When booting, it seems as if she starts, shuts of, and starts again.

External HD, wi-fi keyboard/mouse all signal that they are operational when iMac is turned on. Inside, there seem to be some slow "cycling" going on.

I see no hidden images when shining with a flashlight.

Could it be that something got loose inside when I carried her? I don't recall being very insensitive when doing so.

Any ideas on what need to be done?

Update (09/25/2016)

Also, I have tried starting in safemode and all the other keyboard-combinations, the screen is just completely out.

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Do you have it connected via a network? It sounds like you may have a firmware update in progress.

Try plugging it into your Internet router directly via Ethernet and then try turning it on again this time leave it be give it about an hour and check on it. It should reboot its self when the update is complete.

If that didn't fix it then I suspect you have a power issue. Are you up to fixing your own system here?

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Thanks Dan.

It is normally connected through wifi. I tried to do what you said with ethernet-cable but nothing seem to happen/be of difference from before.

When I turn it on, it starts, restarts about 2-3 seconds after the button is pushed, and then it kind of humms rather quietly, seemingly endlessly (I waited for a couple of hours with the ethernet connected).

If I feel capable fixing the problem I would, otherwise I will hand it in to someone who is capable, unless it costs too much. Havent done anything like it before but I do have the tools to at least open it up and take a look.


Lets try this do you have access to another Mac? If you do, you'll need one that has Thunderbolt as you'll need to connect the two systems back to back via a Thunderbolt cable setting your system in Target Mode. This allows the other system to have access to your systems HD.

For now see if you can get your system into Target Mode at all. Restart your system and once the Bong is heard press the keyboard letter T You may need a USB keyboard to do this. Do you see the Thunderbolt Icon on the screen?


I dont have access to another Mac right now, will have to find one first. It will probably take a week or three, since I currently also have a move to another country on my schedule. I will have to come back to this when all these things are in place.


I hope its not to far a travel. Ping us back when you get settled in and can pick up were we left off.

Safe travels!


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