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Replacing original hard srive with ssd, and Replacing superdrive with new hard drive

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Replaced HDD. No Display and single beep.

The HDD in this iMac was failing so I replaced it with a known good, apple certified HDD. After reconnected the HDD and reconnecting the LCD, I powered on the iMac. I can hear the fans power on, but there is no display on the LCD. After a few second I get a single beep every 5 seconds. Looking up beep codes says that this means RAM is not present. I'm not sure why it's doing this since I didn't go anywhere near the RAM.

I've double checked the LCD connector and the only issue I have is with the display power connector. If I unplug it and power on, the LCD remains blank but the DVD drive whirs and I get the startup "bong". I'm wondering if I'm not plugging in the display power cable correctly. The socket it goes in to has 8 pins and the cable has 6 pins. Should it be plugged in dead center or to the left-most pins or the right-most pins?

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Keep in mind, I am not talking about the display cable(ribbon). This is the cable to the left of it.


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It turns out I was trying to plug the display power cable into a socket the is not used. The proper socket is a bit south of the display cable. Everything is working fine now.

TL;DR I'm a dope and I don't pay attention to what I'm doing.

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