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Apple's 2012 first-generation 7.9-inch iPad mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage and an A5 processor.

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Folded ribbon cable iPad mini

Hey I had to reopen an iPad mini that I repaired. At first it was fine then it started going crazy. I also put capton tape across the bottom. My question is: if I resold the ribbon cable is it going to be ok or is the damage done?

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Its almost always the IC on the digi flex cable. Its usually better to slap on a new digi and move on with your life. Its possible to desolder and resolder that chip. I did it one time to say I did it, then never touched another one. The risk v time v reward just isn't there.

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Thanks josh. I was hoping to return it to my customer today. I will give it a good test and see. I did have the ribbon cable folded a bit. I need to find a better source for digis.


Mobile Defenders and Group Vertical are both solid suppliers. Also, sign up for an iFixit Pro account and get a discount on iFixit parts.


Great info! I did sign up for the pro account too. Will see what shipping to Canada is like.


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