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Lytro's first light field camera was released in March of 2012.

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How to disassmeble Lytro first generation camera

How can you take the Lytro First generation camera apart?

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I know this is an ancient question, but I just came across a small cache of broken Lytro first gen cameras and decided to write a teardown guide:

Full Lytro First Generation Teardown (The Easy Way)

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Yo! I was the designer and mechanical engineering lead on the Lytro cameras (heavily supported by a crack team at a major Taiwanese JDM). This write up is pretty solid, nice work Mr. Calvin. I'll just add a super inside baseball note that many times issues would arise where going the official route was a pain outside of the factory, so if your issue just requires reseating the camera cables or swapping around front / rear assemblies you can do that without disassembling the display / battery / board stack and all of its many hard to replace tapes.

If you just want to mess with the front end... 1. use a spudger or guitar pick to pry off the front plastic cap starting along the top edge where the tape is thinnest. 2. Remove the very custom fabbed long screws. 3. Gently pull apart the front and rear halves, hinging at the top edge where the ribbon cables hang out. 4. Use the phillips head of the long screw to reach in and open the ZIF ribbon connectors for the lens:board interface. (5-n. do whatever you gotta) 6. reverse steps, which is super dextrous work on those cables but very achievable with patience.

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