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Problems with Safari online

For the Macbook Pro 2.33 late 2006, people have reported problems with Safari and going online.

Does that refer only to Safari, or to all browsers?

Am very interested in upgrading to ML, as Lion is too slow and Snow Leopard, while great, isn't compatible with a few of my apps.

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Simon, I was also having a lot of issues with Safari a few days ago. It finally wouldn't even open a window. I did reset the PRAM but it seems time has solved the issue. And this was running 10.11.6.

I have a 2008 Server that I have only been able to go to 10.7.5. so I may try your resolution on it.

BTW, have you taken the RAM to 4GB?

Also Dan gets to work on all the new machines, I don't get them till they're old. But the older the machine is the more repairable and better built!

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@mayer - Newer yes, not always the newest ;-}


Mayer, yes I have 4GB, though they say the computer can address only 3GB, and I installed an SSD. Runs quite fast.

I suggest at least trying the new MacPostFactor if you want to try Mountain Lion. Creating the USB drive installer is pretty much like creating a standard USB installer, using the original install application from the App Store. Booting and installing from the USB drive is the same.

This particular model of MB Pro is a gem. Easy to open, easy to work on, lots of cheap replacement parts on eBay. Great keyboard. Good display with lots of screen space. No GPU defect. Cheap 3rd party batteries available. It is super fast with Snow Leopard, but that system has seen better days. Now that you can install ML on it, most software is compatible, and in my case I think all of the software I use is compatible.

I like the idea of being able to replace the computer when it doesn't meet my needs any longer.


And of course, all this being able work on and upgrade or fix your old Mac is in large part THANKS TO IFIXIT. Without whose help little of this would be possible. Huge shoutout to the site!


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Sadly Lion 10.7.5 is the last version of OS-X this system can run. Nothing newer is supported and will be even slower if you fudge it!

Between its older 32bit architecture and lack of supporting more than 4 MB of RAM and a slow 1.5 Gb/s SATA I drive interface it just can't support what modern OS's & Apps need today.

Your problems are related to how the Web has moved on to newer methods of rendering graphics which your current version of Safari can't understand.

This is also true for other older web browsers. Many today don't even offer 32bit services which is what is also hitting you as the app developers have taken 32bit services out of the code so these apps won't work on your system at all.

In addition Apple has long since stopped supporting both the hardware & OS so any security weakness they have can and ARE! Leveraged. So any site you visit can have a rogue worm that even the site owner doesn't even know it there!

Time to put this poor beast to pasture it served you well for many years.

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Thanks Dan, but you missed the point of the thread.

I've installed Mountain Lion on this Macbook Pro, which officially can't run it, using Macpostfactor. And though ML runs really well, better than Lion, some people mentioned weird problems with Safari on a "hacked" machine like mine.

I can report that Firefox and Tor run perfectly on ML on my MB Pro. At least for now!


"Am very interested in upgrading to ML" You stated you 'were' going to upgrade, not that you 'had'. So I hadn't missed the point, you may have mis wrote what you meant.

As for fudging it: Yes, I know people have done it (I've done it too) which is why I pointed it out. Using the developer function within ML which sounds like what you did here, or using a 3rd party 32bit to 64bit thunker, just weren't designed to be used beyond at most two OS releases. You have to remember the core OS services also need to be able to support the API call. You're just reaching too far here.

Yes, cry a bit for your trusty MacBook Pro, I did! ;-}

Sadly, the timeline of obsolescence in the computer industry at the timeframe this system came out was way too short.


Ok, thanks for the reply. I had meant to put the post in the thread on upgrading older Macbook Pros and Macbooks to Mountain Lion. No offense meant.

I should add that a couple of your points are wrong though.

Mountain Lion installs and runs perfectly on the late 2006 Macbook Pro, using Macpostfactor.

Making the USB installer is just as easy as making one for any other Mac.

The word "fudge" isn't really right here, as it makes it sound as though installing ML is hard or tricky or unstable. It isn't. If you can format a USB drive in Disk Utility you can create the installer.

Apple actually designed this MB Pro to run beyond Lion, they just didn't know it - or admit it.

After a week of use, I can report that it is all working great. Some things have even improved vs. Lion, like better wifi and trackpad use.

Not reaching at all. Just enjoying a trusty old MB Pro with a more recent OS that ensures compatibility with 99% of the apps I use.

No need for tears.

No need to bend to planned obsolescence.


I have to disagree with some of your statements, but if you're happy, then thats all that matters here. ;-}

For the record: MacPostFactor is a Thunker service converting the 64bit calls to 32bit so the system can support the process. When I tried it a few years ago it was not very stable and was quite slow, maybe its has been perfected now. Even still, thunking does add a process burden so if you are doing some heavy processing it will compound the processes time. It sounds like you're just not a heavy user so it works for you.

The word 'fudge' does not imply hard or tricky to do, it implies something that was not intended or designed to be done. What you are doing is a hack as such it's 'fudging' sorry thats what it means. It's just a nicer word to use than 'Hack'.


Apple needed to move forward to support apps which require much more memory and CPU power than what your system is able to offer. As an example I use CAD which is a memory and storage pig. It would be very painful trying to use it on such a limited system. Gaming likewise would struggle. So moving forward made sense.

There's also one ugly secret I haven't spoken about, which your system was plagued by, it had a bad run of GPU's and even with the better one that came out, the lead-free solder used at the time tended to breakdown so you got a double whammy here. So while your system is running now don't push it to hard as the GPU can overheat causing it to fail.


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