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power brick and battery

theres 2 things im worryed about the power brick and the battery itself

so ill began with the power brick ok i use this laptop falry alot for work light gaming so on its on either in sleep mode or on all day every day i dont push this laptop to the limt tho i do push it a bit

since its a laptop it needs to be chraged and since its on all day i charge it while using it and when its full unplugh till low and repeat the procces all day but escpaly when im gaming the laptop power brick gets a good bit hot and im worryed its getting to hot

is it normal?


when i got this laptop about 2 months ago at the time of post the battery lasted a good while but now the battery is dieing quicker but the charger from 12% to 90% takes about a hour to charge

but the battery is dieing quicker no matter what i do and im worryed about that too

so is this all normal

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it is normal for it to get a bit hot, i recommend a small fan be put right next to it, it is also normal for the battery to get that way with age they sell them at best buy or really any electronics store

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