power light on and charging light also on continuously

Hallo how are you?i have a question for you sir?A hole day i can't use my laptop and next day when i press the power button it power green light and charging red light continuously on but mother board can not be runed not even its fan or no heat detection in processor and no beep?please help me ?its model no is Sony sve14aa11w?

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Hi Try the following:

1. Remove the power cord from the laptop.

2. Remove the battery from the laptop.

3. Press and hold the Power button on the laptop for about 30 seconds and then release.

4. Insert the power cord. (make sure that the outlet is switched on)

5. Try to start the laptop.

If it powers up correctly, shutdown the laptop in the normal manner. Disconnect the power cord, reinsert the battery, re insert the power cord and try to start up the laptop.


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