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The PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PSP. It contains a beefed up processor and graphics, and includes the addition of a second analog stick. It was released February 15, 2012.

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PS Vita PCH-1001 won't power on.

I bought a ps vita 1001 OLED used off a used classifieds app. Without a charger. went and bought the AC adapater (that you plug the USB cable into) and then and went bought the insignia Playstation charging kit which includes the ps vita cable.

Pluged it up the orange light comes on and stays on while plugged in. I press and hold it. Doesn't turn on. Light is not "blinking" like others claim. Just stays orange and nothing. Sometimes orange light comes on and goes off after awhile of the vita charging.

I unplug it and read plug it and same thing orange light comes and I try to power it on and still nothing. I tried holding the button for and playstation home button for 30 secs. Still doesnt power on.

I'm thinking it's the battery and Im going to buy another one and have it replaced. and if not I don't know what it could be you guys tell me? Last option for me is to buy another PS Vita preferably a white one.

Any tips on what the problem is? Or what I should do? Thanks

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I have the same problem when I charge it it stays orange like normal but I can't turn it on no matter what i do is there a fix for this?


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Since you have an orange light, this system has most likely been off for quite some time resulting in the battery being drained. Just leave it plugged in overnight and your problem will most likely be fixed.

Also, Since you bought this PSVITA used, it is probably linked to the previous owners PSN account. to reset the system to factory settings you will need to hold the Power Home and PS button. after that select reset to factory settings.

Let me know if this works for you and if you need anything feel free to send me an email at

I hope this info fixes your problem.

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UPDATE: I let the PS Vita charge overnight and hours before that. And still the same thing doesn't power on or anything still displaying. The solid orange light sometimes occasionally blink then go back to the solid orange light.

Still not powering on with same orage solid light... I try powering it using the certain button sequences people listed and suggested.

Basically I tried most the things people did on here to try to get it to power on and still nothing.

Really don't want to buy a battery and have that not work neither. Or pay to have it repaired. When that cost and the cost i paid for this vita to overcome the cost of me buying another guaranteed working good condition one. For (100$ -200$)

At this point don't know if I should continue putting money into this Vita to get it to work. Or should I just accept my loss and buy a whole another PS Vita. Which I'm pretty close to doing lol.

You guys tell me? Because I don't know honestly.


Just get a new one.


Already did fam. Bought a white OLED one works flawlessly


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