IMEI Null & WIFI not Working because of that!

Hey there, can someone help me for that Question? I am having a Null IMEI issue and Wifi also not working coz of this. I got back my IMEI first time when i took my Phone (Huawei Ascend G630-U10) to Huawei customer care center. They just did a Software coz they told me that it may be a software issue, so they did it for 10 minutes or so, and returned me back that now you can use your phone. I was joyful to hear that. But now i am facing the problem again. Did nothing with my phone neither dropped the phone just the phone restarted by himself coz of charging cable not connected properly, and now the same issue again.

Help me someone as i know that it is possible. Huawei customer care center representatives now saying my phone is dead, and i cant believe on them coz the phone is on and working.

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Did you find any solution? as I have the same exact problem with the same model


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