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Designed to provide professional results in a compact package, the J1 comes in a variety of colors and lens attachments.

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Could I replace my own cracked LCD screen?

I cracked my screen on my J1. I would rather avoid spending several hundred dollars, since the camera is not worth too much more. Can I replace it myself, is it hard to do?

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contact for reasonable pricing


I'd say that if the screen damage is such to prevent you from using it and you think that a professional repair would be too much a cost for you, then start by opening the camera and see if you could figure out how to replace the screen.

Eventually, if you'll feel confident enough, you'll buy the screen and replace it. Nothing much to loose. Good luck!


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There are some used screens @ ebay. How about asking one of the local sellers what the steps are in replacement... . I can't imagine it being too complicated but i haven't worked on a J1 before.

I have worked with aftermarket screens and they are not as good as OEM as far as brightness, but if you don't care about that there are some good prices on the aftermarket screens. The only thing i would suggest is try to get one with the backlight already attached (ask before buying). Here is a recent search on J1 LCD's on Ebay. You will want to get the ones that have 2 flexes (1 for the backlite and one for the LCD)

You can always just remove the external screws (keeping note of your every step and where the screws go) and try to get the back off. Once the back is off you should have a better idea how accessible the LCD is.

Please be careful because cameras still hold some residual power and can get a good jolt (stay away from the flash area). Beware of Static Discharge and ground yourself properly and try not to work on a carpeted surface.

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Oh and keep in mind that Ebay searches are not always accurate so make sure you read the listing complete to verify the item. Sometimes searches render related items which can cause purchase errors.


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Had the same problem, so I get the LCD from some Chinese dealer and did the trick.

I do not got the backlight attached (it's very difficult to assembly)

There's a little connector for the backlight that is very tricky to tear down.

Good luck.

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