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Why is my screen partially unresponsive and has vertical lines on it?


I dropped my iphone 5S the other day, which has resulted in a number of vertical lines appearing on one side of the screen and that side of the screen also does not recognise me touching it.

The phone still seems to be working correctly otherwise- still gets calls and notifications through, but I just can't unlock it because my passcode involves the numbers in the part of the screen which is not working.

Any idea on what is wrong and how difficult it might be for me to fix myself?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks to both of you for your answers. I plan on opening it up and having a look inside but the screen is already cracked (from a previous accident). Will this make opening it more difficult?


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Again, I'm no expert and you should wait for a more reputable user to respond but since no one has responded yet I'll throw in my two cents. If there are lines on your screen it's most likely your LCD that's damaged. You can take it to the apple store and if you're lucky they'll replace it for free, but if not they might charge you about ~$120 for a screen replacement. If you're confident in your repairing skills it can actually be quite simple, and be much cheaper to fix yourself. Front screen replacements can run you anywhere from ~$30 onward depending on the distributor and quality. If you're gonna go on the route of doing it yourself you could always try unplugging and replugging in the LCD cable connectors, one cable could possibly be loose. But mind you doing the repair on your own could cause more damage if you're completely clueless of what your doing. If you're still unsure but feeling bold, and want to save some money as well as earning some experience, check out this guide:

Sostituzione schermo iPhone 6

as well as some YouTube videos. Good luck my friend. Again, be extra careful, use plastic when removing cables to prevent shortages, and make sure the right sized screws go in the right spot cause that can cause a problem on its own.

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Hey JAC,

It's probably the LCD, the lines mean that it's damaged and the touchscreen isn't working either. First open the phone, look if everything is alright with the cables. Turn it on, still not good? Replace the screen.

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