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Repair guides for displays (or monitors) for computers or other devices with video output.

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Samsung S27d590p monitor no brightness in some areas of the screen

I was playing normally on my pc suddently part of the monitor brightness went off, I could still see that section but less. Hitting or shaking the screen a bit would fix it or sometimes make it worse. Other areas of the screen might have no brightness. I tried opening the monitor, and I notice that the cable to the bottom of the screen from thr main board is VERY loose, not the male connector but in fact the frmale connector. I tried removing the connector, but the enire female connector went off (I literally didn't try it with any strength), as I mentioned it was very loose.

Anyway, I tried puting it back and pushing on the connector and the monitor goes back to normal but I had to push a bit hard for it to show up like that. The bottom area was also dead until I had to push a bit harder.

I took the monitor to a small repair store nearby; I have no warranty left. He opened it and soldered the female connector and as he said the connector is soldered correctly in place. Turning on the monitor, 75% of the monitor had no brightness, the backlight LEDs were off in this area. NOTE: MOVING THE MONITOR A BIT WOULD CAUSE THE ENTIRE SCREEN TO TURN OFF OR THE BRIGHTNESS IN 100% OF THE SCREEN GOES OFF. He insisted that the backlight led strip must be changed and that some of the leds are burnt, BUT I don't understand why moving or shaking the screen a bit would cause the entire monitor to go off.

Pease help and thanks. If you need more information do let me know.

EDIT: Here's some photos taken yesterday before taken the display to the repair store The repair dude soldered that female connector in place and I tried puting and pulling the connector and it seems good.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hello, i have the same problem . Could you tell me that how did you open the monitor ?


there is a name on the connector? i need to buy one i think the pin los contact with the receiving piece


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Moe, sure it could be the LED backlight strip but this"MOVING THE MONITOR A BIT WOULD CAUSE THE ENTIRE SCREEN TO TURN OFF" makes me think it is something different. I'd check the connector and the traces once more as well as check the cables for any break. Check the connector to the backlight strip itself. It appears as if something else is loose.

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I have the same problem with my monitor (Samsung S27d590p). The top right area is darker than the rest of the screen, and when i try to bend by hand the two top corners of the monitor the dark area dissapears or it gets darker.

I would appreciate any help of how to open the monitor and try to fix it myself because it is out of warranty.

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