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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Where is Presure Switch Location

Where is the presure switch located? I have a F35 code that keeps coming up

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It must be called something else. What does it do?


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The error code F35 is commonly associated with the Sud error, which comes on within a minute of running any cycle. It means the Analog Pressure Sensor may have gone bad. t could also mean the Air Pressure Tube from the Sensor has a hole or isn't connected. I would also make sure I was using HE detergent as the regular stuff will set this off.

Once you get the new Sensor, remove the 3 screws holding the top panel inplace - they are on the backside on the very top. Remove the top and look at the far back upper right corner (looking from the front). There is a small crimson & black piece attached to the metal side wall with 5 blue wires & 1 black wire (pressure tube) attached to it. Make sure there are no leaks or disconnects...if not, then replace with new sensor - takes a little playing with to remove the old one & the wires.

Takes less than 15 minutes to fix, the most time consuming part is taking the old part out, just turn it counter clockwise and pull.

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I too was vexed by the notorious f35 ghost. I followed your advice and noted that the blue wires joined a "river" of wires running to a switchboard located on the right side/front (if you are looking down and facing the front of the washertop). I followed the blue wires and found that the wires ended in an electronic plug which had come loose. I snapped it in place, and ...voila! No more f35.

So I second the notion of checking this connection before deciding your switch is bad.

Your answer led me to my answer so thank you!

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