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The Honda Accord is a series of automobiles manufactured by Honda since 1976, best known for its four-door sedan variant, which has been one of the best-selling cars in the United States since 1989.

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Car's RPM drops to 800 when 20 MPH or lower.

When cruising with the feet off the gas pedal and letting the speed slowly decrease, I could see the RPM meter dropping from 1100 RPM to around 800 RPM when it hits 20 MPH and then back up to 1100 RPM again.

Also when the RPM drops I feel as though the car is halting a bit, as if the brakes have been applied for a split second and then let go.

Is this normal for the car to do? The AC unit has also been turned off.

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@fred123 it sound slike you are having an automatic transmission. Just to clarify you are taking your foot of the accelerator and are wondering about the "surging" at 20mph/800 RPM with the car in gear?


Yes that is correct.


@fred123 does the engine surge when just idling in gear or does it need to be coasting . in other words if your sitting at a stoplight does the engine surge then?


No the engine does not surge during a stoplight, only when coasting below 20 MPH.


@fred123 sounds like normal behavior while you are "cruising" in gear without using the accelerator

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Many new vehicles have a "transmission brake". The ECU will slow the engine and lock the torque converter to slow the vehicle. The "surge" is the ECU "cycling" the "brake" on and off to maintain speed. This is a normal function, if I am reading your information right. The ECU can also apply the brakes.

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It's not normal.. I'm not to clued up about hondas, but in general with most new cars that have an ECU the first thing I always try is to disconnect the battery for 10 mins then reconnect it. This resets the ECU and any sensors that may be false reading which can cause Idle issues. Of course if the sensors pick something up again the problem will come back, and generally your engine light will stay lit in the instrument cluster.. worth a try!

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