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Laptop won't post or turn on, not sure where to start

I have a samsung laptop from 2012 and have used it quite regularly for a array of intensive tasks. I was watching a video recently and received a blue screen with the screen turning off before I could read the notice. I attempted several tasks to try to restore the computer as it would charge (charging lights work) however it would not boot up, I can hear the fans kick on but it won't turn on the screen.

I tried disconnecting the battery and holding the power button. I removed the only memory stick in the laptop and turned it on, it does have 4 soldiered on so I can't do much about that.

I also tried letting the battery deplete and recharging it.

I was only able to get it to turn on once after disconnecting the battery and what happened was that it would get me to my login but then the screen would flicker and show a blue screen before flickering off the display.

I have not spilled anything on it or dropped it, any suggestions or idea's on how I should proceed to fix this or what the issue might be?

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It is not booting up into anything, I believe it may be the gpu but it doesn't make sense why it wouldn't at least boot up or something. All that comes on is the power light, sometimes the fans will kick for 2-3 seconds.


In frustration I applied a bunch of pressure to the keyboard and the laptop started booting up normally and as I am typing now it is running start up repair??? I didn't think my caveman antics would actually work but what would you suggest might be the underlining situation.


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Did you tried to connect the laptop to an other screen?

If its the same :

there is a possibility that a transistor is leaking or the GPU is faulty.

what i would do :

open the laptop , and chack for leaks or swollen capicitators or transistors , also check the GPU ( i had a leaking GPU once.. )

in case of a leaking GPU : in most cases dis is a very hard repair ( special skill soldering..)

Kind regards,


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sometimes the caveman way is the good way to follow :) , no i think it will be bad connection on the board. what i would do : open the laptop and clean it inside ( remove dust) clean the fan and cooling pads , remove the old thermal paste and put new thermal paste on it. thermal paste is not expensive.( clean with isopropyl alcohol, cheap at the drugstore) a drop on each pad is enough, also clean the cpu and gpu. check all the connections ( locked , check for ripped cables ) also check the screen flat cable witch all the thin wires. i had a samsung onces and its a common problem to samsung laptops , the cable will rip easily.

possible causes : bad fan connection or to much durt ( normaliy it will not give a BSOD)

bad or dying GPU

bad connection due to ripped cable , bad cable, toasted cable. ...

If you started the laptop again in normal mode, and its still working, there is some software ( on the net) that makes it possible to check why your laptop gave the BSOD).

Let us know and good luck. If you are not sure, get back to us and take some pictures.

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