iMac Intel 27" won't boot after replacing logic board and power supply

I have a iMac 27inch Mid 2011 A1312 which is totally dead. It was working great one day, then I had to unplug it to move it, then when I plugged it in again, it would not start. No fan sound, nothing. I took it to local Mac repair, and they said it was the logic board, and wanted to charge $950 to fix it. Instead I found a logic board online, and replaced it(not a fun task), and it still will not start. I decided to replace the power supply which I got from fixit and am still getting the same results.

I have tried a different power cable with the same results.

How can I see the LED diagnostic lights on this model? Do you have to remove the bezel, glass screen or LCD Display to see them?

Does any one have any suggestions about what to try next?

Thank You in advance

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The local mac repair center was likely fooling with you, and your original logic board may just require a few simple repairs. I would try a SMC reset since you said it stopped working after unplugging and replugging in. Also make sure your power cable is good, you may have damaged that while unplugging.


need more info. any lights from anything? any noise what so ever?


There are four diagnostic LEDs to the right of the RAM slots. Please tell us what they are showing.


How can I view the LED lights? Do I need to remove the LCD, Bezel or something?


You will need to remove the LCD. They are inside the computer.


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