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Modello metà 2010, A1278 / processore Core Duo 2,4 o 2,66 GHz

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Slow boot/maximum fan speed/broken fuse when wifi cable is connected

Hi to all. I bought from a friend a broken MacBook Pro 13" mid 2010 2.66GHz . The fan ran at full speed and it took too much time to get started. So I unplugged the cable that connects the motherboard with the wifi card, bluetooth and iSight camera and now the Mac works well, without wifi, BT and iSight. I repaired the fuse near the wifi cable connector which had broken out for this problem.

What could be the cause? wifi board failed or shorted cable? My macbook now is no wifi, and in this state is no longer a laptop ... I hope that any of you have experience on this issue.

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Run correct ASD for your machine


ASD will never see problems... The Wi-Fi cable is unconnected. This is the only way to use the MacBook


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I can't answer your question but can recommend a simple solution. Get a MacBook Pro Wi-Fi dongle, make sure it has the drivers for your system (don't get an off brand that won't update their drivers):

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Every Wi-Fi adapter has lot of compatibility problems with El Capitan


I'd make sure to keep up with any system updates as there may soon be a fix, to many people are having this issue with El Capitan.


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