Power steering doesn't return to centure?

(Before you read and attempt to answer this, it's for a 1995 (RN85) model.

Hi guys.

So my power steering hasn't been returning to the centre for a whilst now, and all the local mechanics want to charge me and arm and leg just to diagnose it and quote me an actual repair and I'm not in the financial situation to pay hundreds just for an answer, so I've came to the internet.

It doesn't return to the center is the simplest way to put it. If I'm going around a corner at a steady speed (especially in the wet!!) it just 'bottoms out' and it's like a baby forgetting how to walk, it just doesn't know where to go and I have to stop acceleration altogether and force it back straight, I don't do much highway driving at all at the moment because of the issue.

Any ideas of what it could be and could someone with no mechanical knowledge at all fix the issue?

Thanks in advance.

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