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How to use second wifi card without taking out old card

So my sister was haveing wifi problems, so I was replacing her wifi card, come to find out that the guy she got it from also changed the wifi card (with a drill) and stripped 5 screws (4 of 5 holding the keyboard and the screw holding the old wifi card) but I noticed that there was another mini pcie slot but now the computer won't use the new wifi card as the old one is still in (even though it's drivers are uninstalled and disabled) the computer detects and identifies the new card but won't let me turn it on like in the win 10 settings area or the network and sharing hub or in the dash... Any way to turn this on without haveing to take the old card out?

Left card old not working well right new card Windows won't turn on...

Block Image

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So in answering my own question, the problem was the Alienware front panel drivers (with wifi switch) didn't like two wifi cards as it made Windows think there was a wifi switch it n the off position for that card, uninstalled the drivers and both cards worked (but the vol, wifi, eject, exedra buttons didn't) so I did end up getting a drill and drilling out the stripped screw (making the slot screw hole unusable) and taking out the old card with the new card still in the second slot and that fixed the problem.

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I am sure that is the mSATA port that the 32gb SSD (That comes with it originally) goes.

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