MacBook Pro won't boot, stuck on Apple logo, chips bad?

Hi, my MacBook won't feel like booting for some reason. One day, it just froze and I had to force shut it down. I've tried two good working hard drives, and still won't boot. Even the original cd won't work with it. I've ordered a new hd cable and should be here soon, but upon further examination, I spotted a yellowed out area above the ram chips. Here is the link to the photo I took. Also if it's any help, my airport card never worked with this logic board. Thanks.

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The yellow tape (Kaptan) over the RAM socket is an insulator to protect the area.


In looking at your image it does appear the display cable (top right corner) insulator has been pushed up. Otherwise the image looks good no visible corrosion or burnt parts. So from this limited view I wouldn't jump onto thinking your logic board was damaged.

Can you give us some background here. The way you talk you imply this is already a replacement logic board. If so what happened with the original board. What do you do on your system? the more info the better.


Thanks Dan, yes this is a replacement board I got from eBay, and it looks like it's been repaired by someone I assume in China. The way I know this, is because there is a quality control sticker that has a letter in a different language. Also there is no serial number! Anyway, I got this months and months ago and it worked without any fault. Oh and if you look above the tape, there is a yellowed out spot around some chips. Again thanks for your help.


The fact the board does not have a serial number leads me to believe this board was a salvaged board or one that came from a stolen system were someone was smart enough to replace the BIOS chip. I'll need to check the layout diagram to see figure out if the chip that has flux stain is the BIOS chip later when I get home.

Can you give us a bit more on what happened with your original logic board and what you user your system for.


I use my laptop for everyday usage, not much goes on in it, it actually booted up with the new hard drive and cable. But something that I've never been able to fix was the wifi issue. On the status bar, it has the wifi symbol with the x and says Wifi: No Hardware Installed. I'm thinking it's the wifi card as the power button on my top case never worked. Which leads me to believe a slight water damage. I'm not the original owner by the way.


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