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Quality repair is important, but a repaired device doesn't always mean a satisfied customer.

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How can I delete my account?

How can I delete my ifixit-account?

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E-mail From reviewing the previous post on below the account may be disabled, but not removed. That information can be found on the Account Removal page explains what is removed as well.

How do I remove my User Account from iFixit?

How do I shut down my own account?

This account here can be deleted, iFixit

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Shame on Ifixit


Hi @leolet ,

Why shame on ifixit?

The information contained in the Account removal link in the answer tells you how to get your account removed from ifixit

This is from that Account Removal link

" If you really don't want to keep your account, then please contact us and we can remove your account."

Any guides, questions, comments, or answers etc provided by the user is retained but not their identity.


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Current process: Email our company privacy officer at See Account Removal.

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