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Una Passat completamente nuova, basata sulla piattaforma Volkswagen Group B5, venne lanciata nel 1998 in Nord America.

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01 VW PASSAT won't start, or do anything

I've had problems with my car since I bought it. In the past I replaced the starter, alternator and battery. The first day after fixing it. The car turns off while my husband was driving it from work. After replacing the battery again, mind you, this is the 6th time the battery is replaced, the car still won't do anything. The lights inside when you open the door, the dashboard lights, NOTHING turns on. My husband tried checking the ground wire but seemed fine, he connected it back and once again the lights flickered and won't turn on anymore. Car won't start, crank, nothing. It was running great before, so I really think it's an ELECTRICAL problem just don't know what it is.....PLEASE HELP! I need my car asap and don't have that much $$$

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Check the positive cable going to the fuse box. There should be a ground cable going to the engine, and another to the frame. Twist the wires at the ends of them one at a time while someone watches the lights. If you have a multimeter, I can explain what to do with it to test the battery, ground cable, and the positive cable. You are correct about it being an electrical problem. Also you were on the right track checking the ground wire. It should be a fairly simple thing for a repair shop to solve, so it would be fairly cheap in regards to electrical diagnostics.

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Did you check actual voltage on the batteries before replacing them? Are they holding a charge or are they indeed dying and not charging?

Have you checked all fuses? Both the ones under the dashboard, and any that are in the engine compartment. After that, what about computers?

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