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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Disk Utility not seeing new hard drive

Hey all. I've installed a new - 2 TB hard drive into my iMac 20" 2GHz model 2133. I followed to instructions very carefully on But when I boot up with the El Capitan install flash drive and selected Disk Utility, it does not show on list for me to format it. It had been making clicking noises for a bit, but that has stopped now. I doubled checked to make sure I didn't purchase the incorrect HD. I followed their link to Anyone have any ideas what this might be? Have I been given a bad HD?

Note: Before I had the time to install it in my computer, I had tried to use it as an external drive. I had a case, which I removed the old drive from and installed the 2TB one. When I plugged it into my computer via firewall cable. the computer didn't see it and it was making that clicking noise. I just took it to mean that the external hard drive case wasn't compatible with the HD. I noticed after installing it in my iMac, the clicking noise returned.

Another note: can't see HD in System spec neither.

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Hi Rebknell

If you Hard Drive is making clicking noises then it is possible that your Hard Drive has failed.

Before you come to this conclusion though you should check if it is detected in terminal.

Go to terminal in the utilities folder on your USB Install Volume, select terminal and type "diskutil list" (without the quotation marks) hit enter. This will give you a list of detected volumes, if your HDD isn't in this list and it makes clicking noises then it will be fairly safe to assume that the HDD has failed.

Check the with the seller if you can get a warranty return.



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Yeah, doesn't list the new HDD. Guess I was sold a dud! Thanks Brayden.


Hopefully your supplier will take the HDD back. out of curiosity what model of HDD is it?


I wrote to them before I wrote here, to be sure it wasn't something I was doing wrong on my end. They said they'd refund me.

I bought this one:

Which is the one was offering as a compatible HDD for my computer.

I'll look for another one, can you recommend one for me to purchase?

Thanks Brayden


From personal experience, even though Toshiba Hard Drives are cheaper they don't seem to last as long or be as good of quality compared to Sea Gate or Western Digital.

I generally stick to Sea Gate or Western Digital Hard Drives.

I know, that Apple put Sea Gate HDD into their Macs.


Wonderful, thank you so much Brayden!


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