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Ryobi Strimmer Not Priming

Hi, I'll try and make this not sound too confusing..

Last week I was using my Ryobi 2 Stroke petrol strimmer, Everything was working fine with it, started fine, ran fine ect...

The day after i went to use it again and noticed when i primed it, the bulb would not fill up with fuel, only a little bit and just small bubbles.

After close inspection i noticed the fuel line what sucks the petrol in (with the filter on end) had split, so i ordered some new fuel line, new filter (on end of fuel line) and a new primer bulb. Fitted it all but still had the same problem.

So next thing i thought maybe the carb is blocked somewhere so i removed the carb gave it a full clean from top to bottom, refitted and still same, the primer bulb would not fill.

So i ordered a rebuild kit for the carb. Rebuilt it by following a video on youtube. Refitted the carb, still no luck.

As i was trying to prime it, my friend noticed quite a lot of fuel dripping from the bottom so after close inspection i noticed the new fuel line i fitted, the fuel was leaking over the top and realized when i pulled it off the carb it came off too easy (and also went back on too easy) not really much give so im not wondering if this could be the problem???

I have tried everything and just cannot get to the bottom of this hope somebody can help me .

Oh by the way, I noticed aswell (for some strange reason) when i loosend the right screw which holds the primer bulb in the fuel came into the bulb really fast but when primed it was leaking also sometimes when the bulb was pressed it didnt come back up (until i loosend that screw). Strange

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Hi, Not sure if this is a help or even relevant to your problem but here is a link for servicing a 25cc motor. Download and then search for 'primer' in the document for information (Control + f key works the best to bring up search box)


Hi I have a Hitachi 2 cycle weed wacker and I am having the same problem but I can't seem to figure out why the fuel won't go in the bulb and why it is leaking gas everywhere. If anyone knows how to help please say so (I'm16 and its my deployed dads weed wacker)


Also anyone know a website that I can go to for a troy-built pony 7 gear riding mower deck my dads is badly bent in and the welding is coming undone (please let me know and thanks)


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Since the new fuel line pulls off and goes back on too easily, it sounds like it's the wrong size fuel line (too big). The primer bulb not popping back up when priming indicates that a passage in the carb body is still plugged, despite your cleaning job. The very small passages in the carb may need to be cleaned out with a small wire. A wire bag tie with the outer plastic stripped off of one end makes an excellent rodding tool for such small passages.I'm presuming that you replaced that primer bulb when you worked on the carb, but if you didn't and the bulb is a brownish color and kind of stiff when you pump it, it needs replacing also. An old primer bulb that has gotten stiff and brown due to exposure to the gas and oil in it can also refuse to pop back out properly.

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i received the new fuel line today, 2mm i/d, 5mm o/d. Installed it fits loads better no leaks ect which was a good sign.

I also removed the carb again, took all parts off and gave it another good clean only this time i found a really thin wire, the kind whats used when you buy new cabling ect with a black coating, just removed black coating so it was bare and cleaned all tiny small holes ect....

refitted the carb and thankfully the primer bulb now fills and primes as it should .


But there's another problem.............after priming 3x/4x times as stated, i put the choke on the lowest one pulled 2/3 times it fires up then cuts i then put choke half way, pull once/twice and starts straight away, it idles over really well from what i can tell by the sound of engine but the problem is when i put choke onto "run" (there a little symbol of a man running lol) it just dies and bogs down....when i try putting any throttle on it just dies so now im stooped?????

another question ...i have watched (you wouldn't believe) loads of videos and the strimmers which have the 3 way choke when they pull throttle it automatically clicks to run, mine doesn't do this normal??

just to clarify, if the strimmer "ticks" over or "idles" ok, by that i mean it doesnt sound like it struggling, starving for fuel ect...or it doesn't sound like its revving to much it litreally ticks over until i stop it. So does this mean the carb, fuel line ect is all good does it just need adjusting?


I have the same problem when the bulb is pressed it pumps air and does not suck the fuel up


Yes Matt sounds like the exhaust muffler take it off and take the gauss filter out clean with petrol and leave filter out put it back on see how it goes it should now rev up with no problem


hi friend good work.


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The fuel line goes back and forth which surely makes a noise. I think the chainsaw body is plugged thats why its doing this way.

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