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A metallic touchscreen notebook released in July 2013. The ASUS VivoBook S300CA-BBI5T01 has an Intel Core i73517U Processor that utilizes Windows 8, among other editions.

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Why won't my laptop charge?

I charge my laptop for hours but it still says that the battery is drained.

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There are multiple reasons why one's laptop may not be charging. Simply, try a different outlet. If the problem is more complex than that, try examining the power cord for any kinks or odors of "being burnt", if it is broken or smells like burnt plastic, a new one is necessary. After checking the connection of the cord and outlet, if it still doesn't work, removing the battery while restarting the computer may spur a result. Let it cool down and start up your computer without a battery, check your power settings, then your device manager, and look at the battery section. Check and see if everything is up to date and doesn't require re installation. Hope this helps!

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