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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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My ipad screen Doesn't open, it only wight

When trun on my ipad air 2, the screen stay white only (nothing appear) then i reset it on my laptop itune but nothing change.

I put it in my lap upside down and hardly smack it but it is not show up.

On the laptop itune every thing is fine

Plese help me to fix it and are there pusible that the motherboard is broken

When I put it on charging or on laptop iTunes the screen get black frame around it and the frame size increased by time

Thank you for help

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Try a force restart first

Come fare il Riavvio Forzato su iPhone 5

I know this is for an iPhone 5. Trust me, the principle is the same

If that doesn't take, try putting the device jnto dfu mode, then restoring

HOLD home_button and power button for 12 secs. after 12 secs just you need to have holded into home button for 15 secs. iphone will go in dfu mode.

You'll likely lose what data you hadn't saved since the last backup or iCloud backup. But, you'll have the device back

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I early explain that I did put the device into dfu mode and update it. Now I tried to forsed it to restart but there is nothing happined.


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