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Model M7886 / 450 MHz or 500 MHz PowerPC 7400/7410 (G4) Processor

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What optical drives from other Mac devices can be used in replacement?

I just got a Cube, and it ate my Tiger disc. If someone knows how to get it out it'd be much appreciated. Anyways, it looks like this optical drive is dead, anyone know a fix or a replacement? I have $@$* tons of old iBook G3s, G4s, a Power Mac G4, a Power Mac G3 (Server), and a Power Mac G5. Also some 2006 and 2009 MacBooks, and 2010 and a 2012 MacBook Pro

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These came with combo drives and super drives, do you know which one you want?


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To replace the original CDROM drive, you need an : ATA/IDE slot-in Superdrive, 12.7mm high.

Power Mac G4 Cube Optical Drive Replacement

Some compatible models are :

Matshita UJ-815-B

Matshita UJ-85J

Matshita UJ-845-C, UJ-845-CA (RPC1)

Matshita UJ-875-B (RPC1)

Sony Optiarc AD-5630A (RPC1)

Sony Optiarc AD-7630A-01 (aka Sony AW-G630A; RPC1)

Sony Optiarc AD-7633A (= 7630A + Labelflash; RPC1)

Sony Optiarc AD-7640A (= QSI TDW-081 = AD-7670A ?)

Ty this link also:

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Hi there. I've tried this with a Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7640A. Tiger/Leopard doesn't seem to recognise it - I notice it was installed in later Intel Macs. Do you think I need to hunt down drivers/firmware and might this be problematic on a PPC?


@treeblopez exactly which PPC are you working on?


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