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Normal light keeps flashing

Normal light keeps flashing on Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner III. Tried resetting by cutting electric. Comes back on. Is there a sequence that works to run diagnostics?

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My quiet partner I, stop working, START AND CANCEL/DRAIN button won’t light on(work). opened the console, found that green ribbon has two line broken, tried to use thin copper wire to connect the broken point, but cancel/drain light is always on, any suggestion?


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A rapidly blinking LED over one of the keys of the keypad (or sometimes a “dead” keypad/console)

indicates one or more key switch lines are stuck or shorted on either the control or the keypad.

To determine if the control or keypad is faulty, do the following test:

1. Unplug dishwasher or disconnect power.

2. Open the dishwasher door.

3. Open console and disconnect the keypad ribbon connection from the control (at P1).

Make sure all other connections are made.

4. Put console back together. Do not close the dishwasher door.

5. Plug in dishwasher or reconnect power.

6. Wait 5 seconds.

7. Close dishwasher door.

8. Monitor the control’s response:

➔If the control is OK (no longer sees shorts with the keypad unplugged),

it will respond by turning on a Drain Motor for 2 minutes.

Check and/or replace the keypad if the control responds OK.

➔If the control is not OK (still sees shorts with the keypad unplugged),

then the drain motor will NOT respond and will remain off.

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Thanks Mayer! I will try this in just a bit. I anticipate P1 is pretty easy to find if I unscrew and get to the heart of the control panel? (Have done work with ribbon cables on my Samsung microwave before.) Will let you know how it turns out!


Followed your steps and put everything back together and it works! Thanks!


Thank you Mayer. This post had helped me twice now. I followed your steps and drain motor did ran for 2 minutes. That confirmed control was OK, then (on my first attempt - few months ago) I started examining if any button feels stuck, I noticed all buttons except Cancel produce a small pop up sound when you push and then release. So I thought I've found the culprit. I tried a workaround by inserting a thin needle behind that button and tried to pop it up manually. Then I put the cable and everything back and turned on the dishwasher (followed your steps 4-7 before turning it on). And it started working!!!

It continued to work for 3 months and today the quick flashing lights came back again. The first thing I try is to pop up the cancel button again but it didnt't helped. Then tried resetting dishwasher following key press sequence methods you suggested in other posts before opening it but eventually tried these instructions and it worked again!!!

Now I am wondering what the real issue is. Is it really the Cancel button that was stuck before and today but it require the whole sequence of undoing the cable and running drain motor to reset the dishwasher. Or the Cancel button has nothing to do with it, just your steps 1-8 made it worked both time? Should I get a new key panel anyways otherwise this issue will keep repeating?

Appreciate your guidance.


Same problem. I followed his steps and mine started working too. I didn’t try popping out any buttons even though my cancel button felt and sounded different too. I believe it was just the steps that solved the problem.


I found this post when looking for solutions to the Normal light fast flashing.

I went through the steps; the drain motor did NOT come on with the keyboard disconnected. Once I reconnected everything the Normal light was not flashing anymore and I was able to start the dishwasher.

If/when the Normal light starts up again I'll have a good idea of what to do. I may just go ahead and look into ordering the Console.

Mayer, thanks for a great article!


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Problem with Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner II —> Constantly blinking ‘Normal’ light. Turning power off and on does not solve (or modifies) the issue. Btw, two other buttons (i.e. light and rinse) their lights are lit but very dim, I had to be REALLY close to notice that. Is this an indication that I have “stuck” buttons and the console but not the control panel needs to be replaced. Where can I download a service manual for this appliance. Whatever it takes I can definitely tackle myself, my problem is that I do not have a methodical way of trouble shooting. I certainly do not want to call for a repairman (ABT in the NW suburbs of Chicago) they charge an arm and a leg just to show up to your door, parts are of course extra and it is usually something so stupidly simple such as a part replacement or a disconnected wire. Please help if you can, thanks!

[I can be reached at this email: R1100RA(at)gmail(dot)com]

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@mayer Having similar issues with my older model, purchased in 2008, Quiet Partner II. The Normal and Cancel button lights are flashing while the Soak & Scour light is on constantly, no flashing. Would greatly appreciate your advice.


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