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Lanciato a giugno 2012. Modello A1278. Processore Intel con Turbo Boost. Fino a 512 MB di RAM Video DDR5

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MacBook Pro Booting slowly

After installing El Captain my MacBook Pro is booting up slowly.

Someone suggest turning off File Vault. Found info but not how to turn off.

Update (04/18/2016)

Sorry about late responce and thanks every one who responded. I will attempt to do what was suggested.

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First try going into your startup items and remove unneeded one:

Go under the Apple to System Preferences > Users > start up items

You may need to unlock it it using your password.

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going to System preference the only thing showing start up disk. clicking on it ask to pick a start up disk. No other buttons for state up items. Is there some place else to find start up items. Even my Mackeeper does not list any thing as far as start up. It has a uninstall button but no instruction on what is safe to remove .


Go under the Apple to System Preferences > Users > start up items. Not start up disk.

Second MacKeeper is a virus with a class action law suit. Get rid of it it.


Follow this Apple guide: Use FileVault to encrypt the startup disk on your Mac at the bottom of the doc explains how to turn it off. One you have disabled it made a full back up of your drive.

Then I would recommend you clean out your old cache & log files using one of the utilities from the apps store and pull anything else you can think of you don't need.

Then I would boot the system up from an external bootable drive so you could run Disk Utility to check the drive. Last thing here is to run a hard drive defrag program like Disk Genius.

This should bring back the zip you had.


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Reset the pram sometimes helps, upgrade to ssd best option

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Thanks Scott but not very technical so what is pram a where do you go to reset it. Also what is ssd and where to go to update


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