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Where could I get my laptop screen fixed at a lower cost?

So about two or three days ago I elbowed my laptop on accident ( I don't know how) and I want to get it fixed at a low cost. And it doesn't work the screen is in a rainbow theme .*HELP*

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If you provide the make and model of your laptop we may be able to help you better.


It's the Acer Extensa 2509


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Tahliyah Stafford download the service manual for the Extensa 2500 series from here (download will start automatically) Page 63 will show you how to replace the LCD. After that all you need is to source the LCD screen (price for that will depend on your (geographic location)

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As this is a repair website, I would advocate repairing it yourself or giving it to a trusted friend. If I had to guess, promoting other businesses to do this work would not follow with this website's way.


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Thanks a lot I'll get my dad to help


@thetodd its okay to link, or mention, other sites for as long as you are not part of that site (no self referrals since that could be considered spam) Links to great source sites are always welcomed.


@oldturkey03 Thanks! I'll remember that for future answers.


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