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the Nike+ SportBand could be your new favorite running partner. It tracks your time, distance, pace and calories burned in an easy-to-read display, plus it links to where you can join challenges, map your routes and connect with friends-all without an iPod ®.

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I Cant Get My Watch To Connect To My Computer

When I plug my watch in to my computer, I cant get my computer to connect. I have had my watch for a while, maybe it is just too old?

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To start tackling your problem we have to make sure the Nike Plus Program is installed correctly on the computer. First you will need to download the program from [Nike Plus Connect] , after that just run through the installer to get a fresh copy of the program on your computer and then try connecting the band again. If reinstalling the program does not work you can try restarting the computer to see if the problem is with your USB port. Last but not least if you are not able to connect your device you can contact Nike directly to ask them for a band repair. If you have any further questions you can just reply to this answer. Thanks.

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