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What kind of harddrive is in the iBook G4 12"?

I'm removing the harddrive out of an old 12" White iBook G4, and i want to make it an External Harddrive so i can get my music and photo's off of it and put it onto my new computer.

I need to know what the exact kind of harddrive it is that i have and what the exact kind of External Harddrive Enclosure i need for it to work.

Thank you.

- Jason

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You have an ATA drive. Here's what you need: Firewire ATA Laptop Hard Drive Enclosure

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This is a really old hard drive, probably somewhere in the 30GB size. While putting it in an external enclosure will work, I don't think I'd trust that drive. You can get a new 80 GB one for $36 shipped here. Now that's for a notebook external, if you can live with a full-size (3.5") drive you can get an even better deal, so it may be worth your time to shop around. I'd look at getting a new drive and copying the data over your network or sneakernet it with a good sized thumb drive. When you're done put the computer intact on a shelf. You can use it for restoration if something bad happens or maybe sell it to a museum someday!

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