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Modello A1502 con processore Intel dual core da 2,4, 2,6 o 2,8 GHz. Sul mercato dall'ottobre 2013.

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Water damage repair - laptop won't run on battery

Hello Everyone -

My brother and I are looking at his MBP which was very slightly water damaged, he said literally a couple drops of water. It had the issue with the fan running constantly and very slow, and there was an SMC code PFM006 on the apple hardware test as well as a PPN001 "there may be an issue with the power management system".

I removed the logic board and cleaned all the areas I could see with water damage, green corrosion marks. A few of the connectors had a bit. Amazingly, the PFM006 and PPN001 are all gone and the computer runs perfectly, only on the power adapter though. The battery is detected, only 250 charge cycles and it says 'normal' condition. But when we unplug the magsafe it still shuts off. I have tried cleaning the connections near the battery connector but I'm confused because I'd think that if the computer will detect the battery and give voltage information/charge cycles, etc, that it should be fine.

Any ideas on what we can look at next would be appreciated. I'm trying to narrow it down between an actual battery issue vs a logic board one.

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I have tried resetting the SMC, by the way. No change.


Now I have tried doing more cleaning of the logic board and I am not getting a serial number anymore


Hey Cody, Would you mind telling me what you used to clean the logic board? I have the same issue but I'm trying to to see if I can do it myself. Thanks.


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Sorry for your troubles. In all my years of computing , anything wet is salvageable for parts only. Drying a device right out - still leads to future problems.

Batteries have a lifespan of X amount of cycles.

Hardware components have X amount of life expectancy under "normal usage" conditions.

Because the device got wet - and it seems like it got liquid spilled on it - not a cpl drops - based on your details - of tarring it apart and re-detailing it - which is not good. All those tiny little board pieces are malfunctioning slowly because there is moisture still left in there that you can not get at without a proper work area and tools.

The battery calibration is shot and that tells me the battery got soaked and whoever had it before you slapped it back into the MBP - and as you already know disaster strikes. Replacing the battery is the logical option but with all due respect - I'd use that one for parts.

Running your MBP without a battery (and all the components functioning normally - not wet/moisturized) is bad news. More problems will occur because it wasn't addressed by someone qualified to bring it back to life the first time - before you purchased it.


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Try Replacing the Battery That Should Fix It If Not Try Replacing The I/O Board or DC Board

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