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4 inch display / Available in a variety of colors / Released in 3 different models / 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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My iPod broke and has lines all over it why

okay well my ipod is out of waranty and ii cracked it then about a month or two later i was playing my wii and i looked at it and it had a ton of lines on it i think my brother sat on it but why r the lines there but also the screen is like frozen ive tried resetting it and it didnt work

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If the screen was already damaged then it can become pretty fragile. Your brother sitting on it probably cracked the LCD panel which is why it is covered in lines as you mentioned. The digitiser (part that recognises touch) is probably also damaged which is why you can't use the device properly .

Have you tried a hard reset (holding down the power and home buttons until the device powers off and then continue to hold them until the apple logo appears)?

Sounds like you'll have to replace the screen to be honest

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