Why does my oven go off

why does the oven on my stove shut off while cooking

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charlesgilliam1952 do you have a model number for your stove?


So it's getting hot and up to temperature but shutting off? How long before it shuts off an how high is the temp getting?


We have a GE XL-44. All the 4 top burners work, the self cleaning works. The only part that doesn't work is the oven. Our bldg super has tripped the circuit where it is connecte, for 30 seconds, to restart it. Nothing. Now, we're told to better buy a new one than spend $250 plus on repairs, parts and labor.


Sam are you the original poster of this question or are we now talking about a different stove?


could be your thermostatmaking it think it's already hot and shutting itself off


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