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Can I change DVD region?

I recently bought a PS3 Slim 120GB and it came with DVD region 3, but mine is 4. Is it possible to turn region 4?

Software or hardware solution?

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No there isn't but there is no restriction for game play on PS3 but you won't be able to play DVDs from other region if its region coded, but there is always a room for ripping & copying

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I know there is no restriction for playing games. I just need to know where is the DVD (not BD) restriction. Is it a chip or it's just the BluRay drive itself that does block the region..


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From what I remember, the PS3 is region-free in almost all cases. You should have no problem with the DVD region.

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Ps3 is region free for Games. Blu-Ray Movies are region coded as DVD movies.


I need DVD region free. My BD and Games are the same region (Americas).


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