power led on but the rest is like not working

i turn on the laptop, the power led gets on, the keyboard seems to be working but there is no video. No beeps at all. And after i press some keys the cpu fan gets loud. Not even the dvd drive show any sign of activity.

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@xag attach an external monitor to your laptop. Let us know what you see


i tried but it doesnt work


@oldturkey03 thanks by the way


In addition to attaching the monitor. I would also try pressing FN & F5 a few times to try and get it to select the monitor, be sure to pause between presses so it has time to render etc. Also, try it from an OFF state connect the monitor then power on the pc. Most systems today would be able to find while its on but it does not. And its in your manual to try as well. Page 74-76



@n3rdb0t i will try it for sure, thanks


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