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Portable SoundBot wireless speaker. Streams up to 12 hours of music. Includes hands free calling, built in mic and a rechargeable battery. Model number SB571-BLK/BLK.

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Why won't my speaker hold a charge?

My SoundBot will be in the middle of a song and will spontaneously turn off without anyone touching it. I am charging it regularly but this problem still persists. I thought the problem might be a faulty USB cable. So, I connected the USB cable with a different device but the device works and charges fine. If the USB cable is not faulty, then what’s the problem?

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Have you tried playing it with the charger connected and switched on?

If it plays without turning off spontaneously, then your battery is failing and needs to be replaced. Even rechargeable batteries have a life span.

If it still switches off with the charger connected, has the player turned off or is it that the music has just stopped? Is the blue LED still blinking 2 x every 3 seconds?

Have you tried connecting the speaker to a source via the aux socket using a stereo audio cable? If this method holds then perhaps there is something wrong with the Bluetooth connection. How far away from the music source is the speaker? Bluetooth has a range of approx. 10 metres (33'), less if there are 'barriers' in between, such as walls and electrical equipment emitting strong EMR (electro-magnetic radiation)

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Hi idk if I can post right here but I have the version SB510 and I was trying to charge it the other day and it was charging but when to try and use it was flashing red which it means it was dead but then when i went to try and charge it it was acting like it wasn't wanting to charge, can you help me please?


Hi @Joshua Johnson,

Does it work if you leave it connected to the charger and then try to use it, either using the BT connection or the aux input cable?

If so there may be a problem with the battery. How long have you had the speaker? Even rechargeable batteries have a life span.



I have the Sb571 model and I can't dee the blue led blink. The red one lights up when I charge the speakers and then when it's charged it wont turn on (no Led is lighting up). I discovered something: When I took the cover off the speaker and reached the green thing (I don't known how it's called) where there's lots of little chips on it, there was a black one on the side where there's no cable welded on it and everytime I switched the speaker to ON it began to get really hot in a matter of seconds. (The chip (I dont know if that's how we call it) is black, the bigger one on the side where there's no welded cable and it is written "issc" on it.)

I've been using the speaker for a few months so I doubt that the problem is an old battery.

I would love some help. Thanks a lot!


Apparently blackweb product's batteries have a 1 year life span. My is around 1 year old and fully charged it will play max of 30 min depending on if ur listening to the radio ( works longest) or blue tooth (shortest). Can i take it apart and disconect battery to reset the memory? If not it is no longer potable and a huge dissapointment as I am sure it cost as muxh to replace the battery as the speaker is worth...


Hi @cmc302good

What is the model number of the speaker?

Disconnecting the battery in a lot of devices can reset the stored settings to default so you can only try this and see

It may turn out that the battery is not that expensive. You won't know until you open it up and check what the specifications of the battery are and then search online for it or an equivalent battery. Sometimes it is possible to replace with a higher capacity battery that still physically fits into the speaker which means that it works longer between charges. Conversely this means that it also takes longer to recharge.


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If the USB cable is working, and the charging port is clean, and your speaker is still failing to hold a charge then the battery is defective. The battery might be broken or old and therefore needs replacing.

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If you know that the USB cable works, then another possible problem may be that the charging port is clogged. Use a compressed air duster to clear away any debris that may be in the port. With the port clear, the connection should be better and be able to fully charge.

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