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Released April 2015. Identified as model S070Q.

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Why is my Blu Studio Selfie not turning on?

my phone is not turning on at all, just black screen when holding the power button.

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Given all the problems you are having with the phone and as the phone has recently been released, (within the last 12 months), I suggest that you check the warranty period of your phone and if still valid, consult the warranty statement contained in the User Guide supplied with the phone. It should detail what you have to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement. If you cannot find your User Guide, go to the manufacturer's website and search for warranty for your phone.

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Hi ehab,

Two scenarios

Scenario one: if your phone is bran new, you should check if the power input is not good. Also, you should try to charge your phone with some other wall chargers and USB cables, since you may have burn them. If this doesn’t work check the warranty and contact BLU since your brand new phone is malfunctioning.

Scenario two: if you been using your phone for a while now this may be a physical damage. If this is the case check this troubleshooting page for proceduresclick here

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