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1080p High Definition action camera with 1.5 inch LCD, waterproof case, with a helmet and bike mount.

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Why is there no sound when I make a video?

When I play my recorded videos, I can never hear any feedback.

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1. On playback, have you ensured that the Volume is turned up?

This shows how to adjust (step 5) and where to check on the screen (See #9 on picture)

Block Image

2. Have you ensured that the microphone is not covered? This shows its' location.

Block Image

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If you have the waterproof case on, you more than likely won't be able to hear any sound since sound can't get to the microphone. Boo.

If you have the case off and still cannot hear anything, please make sure you have the volume turned up on the playback mode!

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wont work help me!!!


It’s not working


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Mine worked with the case. When I tried again without the case I had no sound. I discovered that the voice record has to be off ( x through the mic symbol) . Now it's working again 😁

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