Where to buy replacement screen + digitizer from?


My surface pro 3 screen recently broke and now the touch screen is no longer working. The screen turns and I'm able to use it as a normal PC. Unfortunately, I live in the UAE where fixing the screen via a Microsoft service center is not possible. So my only option is go via a repair shop. But this is way too expensive, because getting the screen and digitizer are expensive. I will try to buy the screen + digitizer myself and give it to a repair shop to fix. So, I have the following questions for you?

1. How do I know which version of the screen to buy?

2. Where can I buy the screen from?

3. I have found v1.1 screen (not sure if this is the correct one, just assuming at this stage), on Etradesupply. Has anyone used this ecommerce site before? Would you recommend buying from them?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.



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